Three Essential Questions Revisited

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Three Essential Questions Revisited


Be still and know that I am God.
Your real nature is I-am.
And the way you experience this I-am, is by recognizing what I am not!

I-am not my experiences.

I-am not my problems.

I-am not the world.

I-am not the universe.

I-am not myself as I appear to be.

When everything is gotten out of the way, the true Self will shine forth in all its glory and splendor.

There’s really nothing to do, but be still.
There are no courses to take.
There’s no school to go to.
There’s no profound knowledge to learn.
There are no prayers you have to make.
There are no obligations whatsoever.
Simply quiet your mind.
Do not allow your mind to control you at all.
Do not think past your nose.
When you see the thoughts starting, catch yourself.

Ask yourself, “To whom do these thoughts come?”
They come to me.”
Hold on to the me with all your might and follow the me to its source.
Where did me come from?
How did me get here? What is the source of me?
As you get to the source of me, you will realize, “I am That!

I-am not my body or my mind or the experience.

I-am That I-am.

I have always been that I-am, nothing more nothing less.”

Know your Self. Search for your Self.

Robert Adams -T. 25 -Three Essential Questions Revisited –
18th November, 1990


Three Essential Questions Revisited -

CREDIT: Houry Shaghoyan

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