Jnani Robert Adams Quotes – 6/6/2016

Jnani Robert Adams

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You can become aware that you are like the screen in the movie. You cannot see the screen, you see the images on the screen. Yet the images are not real. If you try to grab them, you grab the screen. Just contemplating this helps. And then you realize that you are like the screen, that is your real nature, and all the images in the universe are superimposed upon you, just as the images of the movie are superimposed on the screen.

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Think of the space between words. That’s your real Self. Space is your real nature. Consciousness is space. Therefore when there’s space in your mind, there’s consciousness and that only happens when you become quiet and still. Therefore all methods, yoga, hatha yoga, rajah yoga, Ishtunga Yoga all these yogas are simply to quiet your mind. But they take the long way around. Here we have no intermediates. That’s why this is called the direct path. There’s no fooling around, you go directly to go, you don’t stop.

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When the mind is silent, then reality comes of its own accord. When you are thinking and thinking, the world has got you, and you become worldly again. Self-enquiry causes the mind to be quiet. 

All is Well! - Robert Adams

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