The Imponderables

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The Imponderables.


You create the world.
Always remember everything is in a state of flux.
Nothing is solid in this universe.
Everything is in a state of movement.
The mind is the energy that causes the change to take place.
That moulds the energy into what you believe.
That’s why certain metaphysical organizations teach you about mind.
They tell you that mind is the most powerful tool you’ve got and you can become anything by thinking about it. And you can!
But what you’re doing is you’re pulling yourself back into maya by using your mind.
It is true you can do all kinds of things by using your mind.
But in the highest truth you will be downgraded, you will pull yourself down.

The highest teaching is to destroy the mind, to get rid of it completely, absolutely.
Then the absolute reality becomes prevalent.

~Robert Adams – T178: The Imponderables.


The Imponderables - Robert Adams

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