The Four Principles of Self Realization of Noble Wisdom

Jnani Robert Adams

Jnani Robert Adams


The four principles, where you know that you’re close to  self-realization. Of course, we’re all self-realized already.

Principle number one:

You have a feeling, complete understanding that everything you see, everything in the universe, in the world, emanates from your mind.
So you ask yourself, “What do I think about all day long?”
Of course, if you fear something, if you worry, if you believe something is wrong somewhere, if you think you’re suffering from lack, or limitation, or sickness or anything, then you’re out of it completely, because you’re not understanding that all these things are simply a manifestation of your own mind.

The second principle is:

You have to have a strong feeling, a deep realization, that you are unborn.
You are not born, you do not experience a life, and you do not disappear, you do not die.
Do you realize what this means?
There is no cause for your existence.
There is no cause for your suffering.
There is no cause for your problems.

Principle number three is:

You are aware and you have a deep understanding of the egoless-ness of all things, that everything has no ego.
I’m not only speaking of sentient beings.
I’m speaking of the mineral kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, the animal kingdom, the human kingdom.
Nothing has an ego. There is no ego.
And do you realize what this means?
It means that everything is sacred. Everything is God.

Principle number four is :

You have a deep conviction, a deep understanding, a deep feeling of what self-realization of noble wisdom really is.
What is Self Realization of Noble Wisdom to you?
You can never know by trying to find out what it is, because it’s absolute reality.
You can only know by finding out what it is not.
So you say, “It is not my body, it is not my mind, it is not my organs, it is not my thoughts, it is not my world, it is not my universe, it is not the animals, or the trees, or the moon, or the sun, or the stars, it is not any of those things.”
When you’ve gone through everything and there’s nothing left, that’s what it is, nothing, emptiness, nirvana, ultimate oneness.

~Robert Adams – Transcript 4 – The Four Principles of
Self Realization of Noble Wisdom – 19th August, 1990

Houry Shaghoyan to Robert Adams Students and Friends photo

CREDIT: Houry Shaghoyan


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