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Ponder These Things


(It should be done between 12:00-3:00 a.m and 6:00-9:00 a.m.)

The I-am meditation is for everybody.
You do not really have to be ready for it.
It’s a very simple thing for you to do.
What you do is you relax. Surrender your mind to the Self by just letting go, watching the mind.
You begin by practicing vipassana meditation.
You observe your mind, your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, just watch, for a couple of moments.

And then you ask yourself the question, “Who is watching? Who is the witness?” and you say, “I am.”
With your respiration, you inhale you say, “I,” you exhale you say, “am.”

What this does it quietes the mind. Makes you very peaceful.
Makes you go into the next step. Makes you one pointed.
It’s a very powerful meditation.

It’s for those people who wish to meditate.
Whenever you meditate there is an object for your meditation.
Either a saint or a Sage or a guru or a flower or a mountain or a blade of grass or a candle.
Meditation always needs a subject and an object.
Yet the highest form of meditation is the I-am meditation because I-am is the first name of God. “I Am That I Am.”

Consequently when you practice I-am meditation you become very quiet and peaceful and wonderful things ensue.

Robert Adams -T.168 -Ponder These Things – 5th July, 1992


Ponder these Things - Robert Adams

CREDIT: Houry Shaghoyan

Consciousness Is Everything

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Jnani Robert Adams


I-AM meditation

I have met many people in my travels who claimed to have been enlightened, who tell me they’re on the verge of enlightenment yet the first person who bumps into them they become angry, when they trip and stub their toe they start cursing, is this control?
Do not fool yourself.
Forget about things like enlightenment, awareness, liberation.
Just work on yourself and let the consequences take care of themselves.

One of the methods that works very well for people who enjoy to meditate,
people who like to meditate, is the I-am meditation.
The I-am meditation is a very powerful meditation.
When you’re alone and you have nothing to do you should practice this all of the time, it’s good for you.
It lifts you up. So let’s all do this together. The I-am meditation.

Close your eyes, make yourself comfortable, become aware of your breath. Listen to your breathing.
Practice a little bit of vipassana meditation.
Observe your feelings, observe your thoughts.
Do not attempt to change anything, just observe.
Ask yourself this question, “Who is the observer? Who observes? I-am.
Now with your respiration inhale say, “I,” exhale say, “am.”
Inhale say, “I,” exhale say, “am.”
If you loose your thought and your mind starts telling you all kinds of things gently bring it back to I-am.

This type of meditation transcends the mind.
Makes you very powerful and strong.
Keep on doing this. “I” inhale, “am” exhale.

Robert Adams – T220: Consciousness Is Everything –
January 28th, 1993


I Am Meditation

CREDIT: Houry Shaghoyan