You Will Be The Entire Universe

Jnani Robert Adams

Jnani Robert Adams


Who wants to be happy?
Who wants to live a good life?
Can’t you see it’s all an illusion?
The good life that you’re yearning for?
Where we have uninterrupted happiness and peace and joy,
there is no such life.
Where would it come from?

Yet the opposite does not exist either.
In other words there is no evil in this world.
Evil does not exist.
There are no problems.
Opposites do not exist.
Nothing exists.
I don’t exist and you don’t exist.
So why are we having this dialogue, this conversation?
Why am I talking?
Who is talking?
Who is the teacher and who is the student?
Who is dead and who is alive?
Who is happy and who is sad?
Find out, inquire and then ask, “Who is inquiring?”
If you go through this you will find that you don’t exist whatsoever.

Yet the appearance is very strong with some people.
The appearance of death, sickness, lack, limitation.
The appearance of happiness, fortune, joy, peace.
They’re all part of duality.
All part of the nonsense of this universe, the leela, the maya.
And yet the leela and the maya do not exist either.

~Robert Adams – Transcript 207 – You Will Be The Entire Universe
10th December, 1992

Robert Adams - Who wants to be Happy?

CREDIT: Houry Shaghoyan