Roberts Experience

Jnani Robert Adams - Picture Frame

Jnani Robert Adams


 Roberts Experience

Nothing exists as it appears, nothing.
Everything is consciousness, and everything is an image superimposed in consciousness.
All of your thoughts, whatever is going through your mind, it has no basis, no cause, no ego.
Everything you see is a projection of your own mind.
You can put a stop to it by finding the source of your thoughts.
Where do your thoughts come from?
Find out. Go within. Ask yourself.

You start in the morning when you first get out of bed.
You watch your thoughts. Observe what you’re thinking.
Observe what you’re doing.
Whatever comes into your mind, ask yourself the question, “To whom does it come? I think this.”
Follow the I thought to the source. Hold onto the I and wait.
Do nothing. Do absolutely nothing. Keep still.
When another thought comes, use the same procedure.
“To whom does this come? To me? Who am I?”
Follow the I thought to the source. Do nothing.
Remain in the silence.
Do not try to analyze anything.
Do not try to come to any conclusion.
If your mind becomes argumentative, ask yourself,
“Who is argumentative? I am.”
Everything belongs to the I.
The whole universe is attached to I.
When you find the source of I, everything else disappears.
Find the source of the I and become free.

Robert Adams - Transcript 21 - Roberts Experience

Robert Adams – Transcript 21 – 4th November, 1990


SOURCE: Houry Shaghoyan

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