Only Consciousness Exists

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Only Consciousness Exists

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If you want the answer to any problem, do not run to a psychiatrist, or a lawyer, or even a doctor, but sit by yourself and listen.
Yourself has all the answers. Why?
For every atom of the universe is within you.
You are that. You are the entire universe.
You are the microcosm in the macrocosm.
Therefore all the answers in the universe must also be in you.
All of the solutions, all of the wisdom, all of the happiness and bliss you’ve been searching for, it’s within you.

That’s what Jesus meant when he said, “I and my Father are one,”
and also, “if you have seen me, you have seen the Father.”
He wasn’t talking about a person called the Father.
He was talking about a universal principal of harmony, of bliss, of joy. He was speaking of consciousness.
It’s within you. It is you. You are that. You have always been that.
It isn’t far away. It’s right where you are.
And as you sit in the silence, and think of these things, you will begin to realize something very interesting.

You will begin to realize and understand, “Well, if my body is consciousness, it cannot be a body, for it cannot be both. It cannot be consciousness and my body.
So it’s duality.”
So as you start to think about the word consciousness in the silence, it is revealed to you that you have no body.
There is only consciousness. And it doesn’t seem strange at all.
For when you begin to understand and fathom what consciousness really is you will realize it is self contained.

Consciousness knows only consciousness.
It doesn’t know the universe. It doesn’t know bodies.
It doesn’t know problems. It doesn’t know wars.
It doesn’t know man’s inhumanity to man.
It doesn’t know anything you know.
It only knows itself as pure awareness.
And as you sit by yourself in the silence this becomes perfectly clear.
And all of a sudden the realization comes to you, “I have no problems.
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the world.
There is nothing going on. There is only consciousness.”

There are not two worlds. There is not the world of the body, and the world of the universe, and the world of your problems and affairs, and also the world of consciousness.
There is only consciousness and you are that.
Just listening to this sets you free.
It sets you free from all doubt and limitation.
You begin to feel immortality.
You begin to understand that you were never born.
How can consciousness be born?
And if you were never born how can you die? What dies?
Well, some of you say, “The body,” but I tell you there is no body who dies.
There is just nobody home.
There never was a body, there is no body, and there never will be a body.

Robert Adams -T. 40 -Only Consciousness Exists –
31st January, 1991

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Only Consciousness Exists


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