There Cannot Be A Problem In Your Life

Jnani Robert Adams - Picture Frame

Jnani Robert Adams


Q: How do you know whether you’re doing God’s will or the ego’s will?

A: By not knowing at all. It’s not for you to know anything.
If you become still and stop making a lot of noise and asking yourself all of these questions, “Is this my will or is this God’s will,” automatically what you call God will be in operation.
In other words when you get yourself out of the way and stop thinking about these things then you’re doing God’s will.
God’s will is when you rest in the Self.
When you stop fretting, when you stop fearing.
Stop trying to change things, change people.
When you stop reacting to things then you know you’re doing God’s will.
But when you’re emotional and become angry, upset, fearful then you’re doing your will. That’s how you know.
So again the solution is let go of everything.
To the extent that you can let go of everything to that extent are you doing God’s will.
For God’s will is peace, harmony, joy, bliss and you are God’s will.


There Cannot Be A Problem In Your Life - Robert Adams

Robert Adams -T. 185 – There Cannot Be A Problem In Your Life-
20th September, 1992

CREDIT: Houry Shaghoyan 

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