Robert Adams Satsangs Book Version (v1.12)

Robert Adams Satsangs Book Version (2.12)

Blue Decorative Line

I transcribed and compiled the Robert Adams Complete Works eBook which took me from 2008 to around 2012, around 4 years. (The Blue Cover One)
I have a newer version which includes more transcripts and fixed a few mistakes in the one that was posted previously.
I have given out this book previously to others and some have attempted to change its contents which I am trying to avoid. So I ask that if anyone could inform me of any mistakes(spelling etc.) or would like to add new transcripts that are not included in this book please let me know and I will edit it from this end. This way we will keep the most accurate and up to date version of the book available for everyone – with version number and date edited.

Pakl Liga 

Click to download PDF

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