You Are Not I

Jnani Robert Adams

Jnani Robert Adams Blue Signature

You Are Not I


Do not experiment in the world.
How do you experiment in the world?
When you believe those trees are beautiful, beautiful sunset, beautiful sunrise, beautiful flowers, beautiful people.
As good as it may sound, this keeps you back from awakening. Why?
Because you are identifying with an external cause that does not exist.
You do not realize that the beautiful tree comes from your mind.
The beautiful sunset is in your mind.
All of the beauty and all of the ugliness that you perceive is all within your Self. You are that Self.

So the person who wants to awaken, when they look at beauty, they realize that they are projecting it.
When they look at ugliness, they realize that they are projecting it.
They are both impostors. Two sides of the same coin.
And you start to inquire, “To whom has this come?” Think about that.
When you behold all the beauty outside of the window, instead of being in awe and admiring it, ask, “Who sees this?’
In other words, the beauty that you see out there, really comes from in here. You are the beauty.
It only exists out there because you exist over here.

Robert Adams – T83: You Are Not I. – 1st August, 1991


You are not I - Robert Adams

CREDIT: Houry Shaghoyan


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