What Is, Is God

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What Is, Is God


I realize that many of you are bhaktas, and I’m taking away your enjoyment.
I’m taking away your God that you worship, be it in the form of Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Moses, whomever you like to worship. But I speak at many levels.
As far as a Jnani is concerned it’s virtually impossible for a God to exist, separate from yourself.
But yet, such people as Nisargadatta Maharaj, Bhagvan Ramana Maharshi, and many other Jnanis did bhakti.
Ramana used to pray to Shiva in the form of Arunachala.
Nisargadatta also prayed to Shiva.
So the question is, why did they do that?
And the answer is, for the sake of others.

To get to the stage where God does not exist for you any longer is a very high transcendental stage.
I do not expect you bhaktas to give up your worship.
As you know, on Sunday we have puja and we have chanting.
To whom are we chanting? To Hari, to Ram, to Krishna.

I must again tell you as long as you believe you are the doer, that you are the body and the mind do not fool yourself into thinking you’re not, for if you weren’t you wouldn’t react the way you react to situations.
So as long as you believe that things are real, then you have to pray to God, because God does exist for you.
You can call God the law of karma. In reality karma does not exist.
Yet how many of us have such reality?
Therefore the best thing for you to do is to practice the Jnana practices, but keep doing your puja. Do not give it up.
If you’re doing japa, whatever practice you have, keep it up.

But practice self-inquiry, and as you practice self-inquiry you will notice something very interesting happening to you.
You will notice that little by little you begin to give up your worship, slowly but surely, until the day comes when you become the object of your worship.
If you’ve been worshipping Krishna, you will see yourself as Krishna, and so forth. If you try to act like a Jnani before your time, you will have a lot of problems, for you will develop, “I don’t give a damn” attitude, and that’s not what we’re talking about.

Robert Adams – T.65 – What Is, Is God – 30th May, 1991


What Is, Is God

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