What Is, Is God V

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What Is, Is God V


But yet, if we have a questioning mind, we question, “Where did God come from?”and “Why does God appear as all these things?
What is its purpose?”
Most of us know there is no purpose.
No thing exists the way it appears.
Your real nature is pure awareness.
Pure awareness is the universal.
There is no place for anything else. In other words, you cannot have existence as it appears and pure awareness.
Otherwise you would have diversification, as the appearance shows you.
There’s a beautiful tree, there’s a sky, there are flowers, there are animals, there are insects.
If pure awareness, or the Self, is self-contained, how can there be anything else?
Where would the room come from?

It’s just like space. When you have a room filled with furniture, what happens to the space it takes up?
And then you take the furniture out of the room.
Has the space changed? Nothing has happened to the space.
The space is the same whether the room is filled with furniture, or not. And so it is with reality.
Reality exists. The Self exists as the Self.
But it appears as if there are things in the universe, as if there is a universe. There are people, there are animals, there are planets, there’s the vegetable kingdom, the mineral kingdom. All this appears as real.
You therefore have to ask the question, “To whom does this appear? Who sees this?”
You know by now it’s the I.
The I is the culprit. If it weren’t for the I, there would be no universe, there would be no God, there would be no creation.

Robert Adams – T.65 – What Is, Is God – 30th May, 1991


What Is, Is God V

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