What Is, Is God IV

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What Is, Is God IV


As long as you think, there will be existence, person, place and thing, but when you stop thinking there’s no room for existence, because there cannot be the silence and existence.
Everything that appears to be opposes the silence.
The silence is consciousness, absolute reality, sat-chit-ananda.

The Self exists as itself, yet when you begin to modify it you say, “Well, God exists.”
God is the first modification of consciousness, and it’s Gods job to create the world, and then to dissolve the world, and then to create the world.
Who gave God that job?
Henry? Henry didn’t do it. Who did?
Why would God want to create worlds, universes, and then dissolve them, and after a period of time bring them back into existence?

Yet this is what we read about in all the scriptures.
This information is for the ajnani, for the man steeped in ignorance.
You have to explain to this man how the world became existent, or he will not be satisfied.
You therefore go into all the modifications.
There is the Self and the Self is consciousness.
Consciousness modifies itself, and you have God.
God modifies itself, and you have existence.

Ramana realized that if he explained this to the devotee, the devotee wouldn’t understand.
If he told the devotee that only the Self exists, and your son didn’t die because he was never born, it would be too much for the devotee to comprehend.
Therefore, instead, he said, “God is. What is, is God.”
It made the devotee feel better, for he realized that his son was in God’s hands, and all is well.

Robert Adams – T.65 – What Is, Is God – 30th May, 1991


What Is, Is God IV

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