What Is, Is God III

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What Is, Is God III


A devotee of Ramana Maharshi, who had been with him about twenty-five years, had a son that died, and he was grief-stricken.
And then he asked Ramana, “What is God?”
Ramana didn’t answer. He kept still for about fifteen minutes.
Then he opened his eyes and he said very softly, “What is, is God.”
We’ll talk about that tonight.

What is, is God. It’s like when someone asks the question, “Is the world real?” The world, by itself, is an illusion, but God, as the world, is real.
As we progress we find there never was a God, so there never was a world.
But for the sake of talking, because God is, the universe is.
Everything, from the lowliest microbe to the fullest galaxy, is God in expression.
Everything is God. Every leaf, every piece of clay, every star, every planet has no basis for its existence, by itself.
Because God is, everything else is.

That’s what Ramana meant when he answered, “What is, is God.”
He was trying to explain to the devotee, “Your son dying, that is God. Your son living, that is God.
There’s no real difference. Only in your mind.”

We differentiate only in the mind.
If the mind were made quiescent, quiet, there would be no differentiation between death and life.
We make the differentiation because we think.
It’s a mental concept that someone dies, and that’s bad, but someone lives and that’s good. There’s no such differentiation.
There is only God, and everything that exists, everything, is God.
There can be nothing apart from God.
But then I say that God doesn’t exist, except in your mind.
That is the reason that, in reality, no thing exists.
Do you follow that?

Robert Adams – T.65 – What Is, Is God – 30th May, 1991


What Is, Is God III

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