Infinite Intelligence

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Infinite Intelligence


All of us sitting in this room are at a different stage of consciousness.
Some of us are more advanced than others but that doesn’t matter.
What matters is what you’re doing with your life.
Noone in this room should believe that the world has any power over you whatsoever.
You are the power.
If you feel the world or some situation has power over you is because you have given it the power.
Where else would it come from.
The world the universe by itself is passive, neither good nor bad.
It is you that makes it what it is.

This is the reason why every one of us here look at the world differently.
We live in the same world but we see it differently.
We’re are seeing ourselves of course.
We are seeing what we are.
What else can you see.
There are no sinners. There is no evil.
Everyone is a child of God, so-to-speak.
When you realize you are God’s child in God’s infinite goodness and love, as you work on that you will find soon that you are God.
You are the infinite goodness and love. It is you.
But you have to work from where you’re coming from.
If you have to pray, pray.
If you have to meditate, meditate.
If you have to do a mantra, do a mantra.
Do whatever you have to do to raise your consciousness.

Never say, “I can’t do anything else. I’ve done all I can. I’m stuck.”
That’s a lie. Noone is ever stuck.
For we live in a universe of flux, change, nothing is solid.
So how can you be stuck.
Everything is continuously moving, moving, moving, moving.
You cannot be stuck anywhere or anytime.
Do you see how you train your mind?
You train your mind to stuck some place.
You can’t go any further and you believe it.
So to you you appear stuck. There is no such thing. All is well.

You are a very unique being.
You are unique because you have within you fantastic power.
After all you created this illusion. You created this maya.
It came out of you.
Your shakti is doing this.
The power that you have has created all of these things.
If you wish to uncreate everything you have to put yourself in reverse.
Just like a car and go back to the source.
When you return to the source you will find that you were never a human being, there never was a world, there never was bondage or liberation, there never was a God separate from your Self and you are free. Peace.

Robert Adams -T. 193 – Infinite Intelligence – 22nd October, 1992

Infinite Intelligence - Robert Adams

CREDIT: ‎FaceBook – Houry Shaghoyan

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