Infinite Intelligence IV

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Infinite Intelligence IV


You have to realize that there is a divine intelligence of infinite goodness, the power that knows the way.
If you would but surrender to this power.
If you would let go and let God so-to-speak by totally surrendering to this power that knows the way you will be carried forth in a stream of blessedness to your highest good.
This is true.

But if you’re always condemning, judging, reacting and you keep finding things wrong everyday of your life and what you’re really doing in your brain and your mind and your subconscious is you’re saying, “This is what I want. I want more of this.”
If you didn’t want more of something you wouldn’t think about it.
You wouldn’t feel hurt by it.
You wouldn’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of cynicism, depression, animosity or any kind of negativity.
You’ll be above this, beyond this.

But if you’re allowing yourself to fall into the trap, you have to give up total mind, body and soul to the infinite intelligence that takes care of this universe.
You can call this intelligence God, absolute reality, divine wisdom.
It makes no difference what you call it.
You must surrender to it, totally, completely.

Of course in the ultimate truth none of this exists.
In the ultimate truth I’ve been speaking nonsense to you.
For the ultimate truth is silence.
Total silence and total annihilation of your thoughts and mind and body.
But as I said before we have to be true to ourselves and see where we are on the path.
We may say, “We’re on the path of Jnana Marga,” if you like and it’s up to each one of us to remove all of these thoughts, emotions, feelings, negativity, depressions that haunt us once in a while.
It’s up to each one of us to get rid of ourselves, to annihilate yourself.
To get rid of your little self totally, completely.
To get yourself out of the way and to allow the divine circus to function.

Robert Adams -T. 193 – Infinite Intelligence – 22nd October, 1992


Robert Adams -T. 193 - Infinite Intelligence IV

CREDIT: Houry Shaghoyan – ‎Facebook 

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