Infinite Intelligence III

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Infinite Intelligence III


From the moment you were conceived, infinite intelligence has been with you.
In every atom of your being there is infinite intelligence.
It is your mind that keeps the infinite intelligence from doing its thing. Somehow the mind has become totally deluded.
It believes strange things.
Yet this is all an optical illusion but you don’t know it.
So you have to work with what you’ve got.

You have to let go of everything.
Do not concern yourself with your problems or your life and look to your mind. Observe your mind.
Watch your thoughts. Observe yourself thinking.
Observe the fears, frustrations that come into your mind but do absolutely nothing about them. Just watch. Leave it alone.

No matter how horrible the picture may be leave it alone, watch, observe, be still, rest in the silence.
Your body will continue to do what it has to do.
This has nothing to do with your body.
Try to remember this I am not saying that you have to make your body do what you want.
Leave your body alone.
Your body will follow your mind.
When the mind becomes still and quiet, the body will become still and quiet.
When the mind disappears your body will disappear.

Robert Adams -T. 193 – Infinite Intelligence – 22nd October, 1992


Infinite Intelligence III

CREDIT: Houry Shaghoyan – ‎Facebook 

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