The Self or the World – 2

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The Self or the World – 2


When you come into your Self, the real Self, there is no real vast change in your life.
This is important to understand.
Most people believe when they turn into the Self, they become liberated, then they become a saint of some sort, and they’re walking on cloud nine, they can walk through fire, they will not drown in the ocean, they can jump off bridges and fly.
This happens when you take LSD, (laughter) not when you become self-realized.

When you awaken, you appear the same as you are right now, only you’re totally free. That’s all. You’re completely, totally free.
Your people will still see you the same way you are now.
They will not see any difference.
If they stay with you twenty-four hours a day, they will notice you do not react to things any longer.
They will notice you’ve become an embodiment of peace, that you’re always happy, nothing disturbs you.
But you will still have the same body, so-to-speak, until it’s time to drop it.
There’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of.
It’s a wonderful experience. Why not do it?
I’ve taken away all of the fears from you, all the frustrations, and you know nothing strange is going to happen.
So drop it right now.
Become free, liberated. Let go.

Are you letting go? (laughter)
By the expression of some of you, you’re holding on for dear life. (laughter)
What are you holding on to?
I suppose it’s a little difficult to let go completely, if you ever want to.
Remember it’s taken you so many incarnations to be what you are now.
To have the kind of body that you’re wearing right now, did not come easily.
It didn’t happen. You have to have sort of worked for it.
It is a body that you have earned, so-to-speak, if that’s what you want to believe,
and it’s taken you many incarnations to get this body.
Therefore you are afraid to give it up.
That’s why you are afraid to give it up.

So this is where sadhana comes in.
Now you know the reason we do sadhana.
Sadhana simply makes you strong, mentally, physically, to be able to let go. That’s all sadhana does.
Sadhana never enlightens you.
It makes you one-pointed, in your quest for realization.
It makes you compassionate. It develops humility, power.
It transcends all fear.
And when you finally get to that point, the inner guru grabs a hold of your mind, yanks it into the heart, and you become liberated.

Robert Adams – T.159 -The Self or the World – 4th June, 1992


THE SELF OR THE WORLD - 2 Robert Adams

CREDIT: Houry Shaghoyan

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