I Am your Self

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I Am your Self


When you look at yourself and you see yourself, do not think of you as a mere human being.
Do not think of yourself as a person.
Do not think of yourself as someone who needs help, someone who is alone in this world. That’s not really you.
You are the one that has always existed, the one that will always exist.
That one that never had a problem.
That one that is healthy and happy and peaceful.
There are no others.

Do not judge yourself.
Do not look at yourself and say, “I have sinned, I have made mistakes.”
Do not worry about the future and think karma is going to catch up with me.
I have to reap the laws of karma that I have sown.
It is true that as long as you feel yourself to be human, as long as you believe in karma, past, future and causation, you will go through karma.
You will appear to go through all the things in space and time that seem to punish you and reward you.

Gradually you will give up the belief in karma.
You will begin to see there is no yesterday, there is no tomorrow, there is only the eternal now, and you are that.
You are the one that has always existed and that one will always be.
You are not your karma.
Karma only exists when you believe it exists.
For whom is karma?
For the body, not for you.
Karma is for the individual.
For the one who thinks he is a body and a mind.
For that one, there is karma.

~Robert Adams – Transcript 149: I Am your Self – 26th April, 1992



CREDIT: Houry Shaghoyan 


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