Whatever You See Is The Self

Jnani Robert Adams

Jnani Robert Adams

Whatever You See Is The Self


You have to be aware of these points all of the time.

Point number one: This world is a dream, just like the dream I dream at night. Everything in this world is karmic. Nothing is real.
So I will never again allow this world to dictate to me what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is bad.

Point number two: My nature is divine.
I am not the body nor this world nor have I got anything to do with this world or this body.
The body goes through its own karma, it takes care of itself, does whatever it’s supposed to do.
It has absolutely nothing to do with me.

Point number three: Everything I observe in this world is myself, nothing else. I only see myself wherever I look.
Whatever I’m involved in. I see myself and nothing else.

Point number four: In order to transcend this world and become totally free, I have to somehow awaken from this mortal dream.
And I can only do this by becoming non-judgmental, peaceful within myself, looking at this world like a moving picture, in all kinds of scenes in a movie. I know I’m not affected by these things, by the things of this world or any other world.

Point number five: I-am the substratum of all existence.
I-am the screen in which the movie is being shown.
I-am the director and producer of the movie.
I-am also the actor. I play all of the parts.
Therefore I will never again become confused in the picture or the screen.
You should ponder these things every morning when you get out of bed, when you first wake up. Become aware of this.

~Robert Adams – T226: Whatever You See Is The Self –
25th February, 1993


CREDIT: Houry Shaghoyan 


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