Jnana Marga Is Not For Everyone

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Jnani Robert Adams

Jnana Marga Is Not For Everyone


I do not prepare fancy sermons or lectures or profound teachings like I get in a book to share with you.
I tell you the truth I am absolutely nothing and I share my nothingness with you, will you accept the nothingness?
Will you accept that you are nothing and I am nothing and nothing exists and nothing ever existed?
Yet it’s difficult to share this with the ordinary people.

This is why this teaching can be a dangerous thing to some people.
For the people cannot reconcile this teaching with the ways of this world.
You can’t bring the average person in the street in here and tell them about Jnana Marga.
They’ll say to you,”Look at the city. Look what’s happening to people.
People are killing each other there is man’s inhumanity to man going on everywhere.
Everywhere you look there are problems with man, fighting, killing, destroying and you come in here and tell us this doesn’t exist?
You’re a liar”, they’ll tell me.
“These are plain and clear look at them, everywhere. Riots in LA.
Killings in India with Muslims and Hindus, in Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia people are killing each other by the thousands”.
And so somebody like me comes along and says,”Hey this does not exist. ‘All is Well’!”
That sounds ridiculous doesn’t it when you make a statement like that.
How can I possibly make a statement,’All is Well’, when your senses tell you it’s not?

This is why I say to you this teaching is not for the average person.
The average person wants to argue, to fight, to debate to get their point across.
But the person who has realized the truth has nothing to argue about, nothing to debate about.
They have become a living embodiment of reality.
And they understand that the world does not see the same thing.
This is the reason you find most Jnanis do not give any teachings whatsoever and we know nothing of them.

~Robert Adams – T210 Jnana Marga Is Not For Everyone – December 20, 1992


Jnana Marga Is Not For Everyone - Fecebook

CREDIT: Houry Shaghoyan 


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