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Jnani Robert Adams



“As an example is sleep. When you are asleep there is no universe. As far as you’re concerned you do not exist, the universe does not exist. It’s only when you wake up you say, “Here is the universe, here’s my body.”

This is the reason sleep is given to you. Sleep is not given to you psychologically. Many psychologists and psychiatrists think human beings sleep because they have to rest for a certain amount of time in order to renew and refresh their bodies. This is true in a bodily sense but sleep has a deeper meaning.

Sleep is to make you see that you disappear during sleep. You do not exist. As far as you’re concerned you’re dead.

Therefore the wise person like the Sages of old, the Rishis used to think about these things.” I do not exist in sleep but I awaken and I seem to exist. Therefore what is the truth, who am I?”

They used to ask themselves the question, “Who am I? Where did the I come from? The I that thinks it is sleeping and the I that wakes up? Where did the I come from?”

The great Rishis of old used to think this way and they used to sit in the silence for hours just thinking about this, “Where did I come from?”

When I say, “Where did I come from,” I’m not referring to the body I’m referring to I, the idea of I, the I- thought. “Where does this I-thought come from? How did it arise? Who gave it birth?”

And by asking this question over and over again and keeping still the ancient Rishis were able to perceive the I disappearing into nothingness and they experienced illumination.”

Oct 29, 1992 – Robert Adams



CREDIT: Jordan Loder 


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