Consciousness Is Everything #2

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Jnani Robert Adams


Consciousness Is Everything #2

There are many things happening in this world that some of us don’t understand why these things happen in this world.
Yet you can never look at this world as if it is real.
If you realize the world is not real, you will no longer react to things.
It’s only when you believe the world is real and can hurt you, do things to you that you feel you have to respond in the same kind.
You have to get even, you have to do things to other people.
When you do this, when you act this way, then you’re setting up karma.
You’re accruing karma.
You come under the law of karma.
And you go through all kinds of experiences believing the experiences to be real.
But instead of trying to hurt somebody or do something to somebody or get even with somebody, if you realize that everything is consciousness, all is well!

I know it sounds too simple for some of you, but nevertheless, try to do this and see if it’s simple.
Try to think of everything as being consciousness.
When you’re watching television, when you see dastardly things happening in the news.
When you’re dealing with a body that may be sick or you’re the care-taker of somebody else that’s sick or somebody just mugged you.
All kinds of situations may happen.
Yet if you prepare yourself ahead of time you’ll be able to handle it correctly.
But if you wait until the last minute, you’ll not be able to handle it correctly.
In other words, you have to know that everything is consciousness before anything happens.

It’s just like when you’re leaving your body.
It is known that when you leave the body the last thing that you think about you become.
So you say, “That’s good. I’m going to think of myself as a saint, a Sage that will live forever.”
But if you have not practiced being this, when it comes time to leave the body you will not be able to do it.
You will be filled with fear, anxiety.
You think you’ll be able to do it but you won’t.
When death knocks on your door, you become a coward.
You become afraid.

But if you’ve been practicing all these years, where is there fear?
You will realize that you came from consciousness and you’re returning to consciousness.
You’re just becoming your real Self, that’s all.
You will feel beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were never born, you can never die
and you have never prevailed.
That you are total freedom right now, this moment.
You’re all-pervading, effortless, choice-less, pure awareness is your nature, this is who you are, all the time.

No matter what appears, do not allow your mind to decipher these things.
Look at it and turn from it.
Turn to your real Self. Turn to consciousness.
I know it’s hard to imagine that you’re not the body when you see yourself every day as a body.
But your body is really consciousness.
You never did have a human body.
Even though it appears human to you.
It is like a dream body.
In a dream body you may cut yourself with a knife and bleed all over the place,
but you wake up and it was only a dream.
So it is with consciousness.
When you realize and know that your body is a dream, nothing will ever bother you again.
Nothing can ever hurt you again.
But when you take your body to be real then you become like everybody else.
You have to fight for survival.
Always be aware of this truth.

Just by knowing this, the knowingness goes deeper and deeper and deeper inside of you, until everything is transcended totally and completely and absolutely.
And even though you still appear to be walking around in a body, there’s nobody home!
Nothing can ever happen to you again!
Do you see what I’m trying to say?
If somebody shoots you, hits you over the head, tears your eyes out, and all these other good things, it will not be happening to you!

This sounds strange, I know, to some of you, but it’s the absolute truth.
All of these things can only happen to a human being.
As long as you believe you’re a human being you’ll experience these things over and over again like all good human beings do.
But as soon as you give up the body, I don’t mean dying, I mean giving up the body and you will say, “This is not me. This was never me.
I am not a being that gets older and older and older and dies.
That’s not me at all!
I am pure consciousness. I am Brahman.”
Then something very interesting will happen to you.
You will see through the dream to reality.
The world will never fool you again.
The world to you will be like water in the mirage.
It will be an hallucination.
The world will never hurt you again.

Robert Adams – T220: Consciousness Is Everything –
January 28th, 1993


Consciousness Is Everything

CREDIT: Houry Shaghoyan 


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