Uncreate The Universe!

Jnani Robert Adams

Jnani Robert Adams


“The Ultimate Truth is Silence”

What happens when you absorb more information?
Your ego expands.
The more information you absorb the more your ego expands.
Think of all the information you absorbed this week, about politics, about crime, about man’s inhumanity to man, about what’s going on in the world and you eat it up.
You’re filling up the garbage pail.
Instead of emptying it, you’re filling it up.
Whenever somebody bothers you, whenever somebody annoys you, whenever you bother to be judgmental, think of what you’re doing, you’re filling up the garbage pail more and more and more.
How can you ever become enlightened this way, it’s impossible.
You’re keeping yourself back by looking at everything as being real.
As far as your employment goes, as far as your job is concerned that will always take care of itself.
It will always take care of yourself.
You will do what you have to do, but you have nothing to do with it.
It may sound paradoxical but it’s true.
Whatever has to be done will be done but it has nothing to do with you.
Become like an apple tree.
The apple tree doesn’t worry  whether it’s going to bare apples this year.
The apples come by themselves.
Everything happens by itself.

~Robert Adams – T. 222 Uncreate The Universe! – February 7, 1993

The Ultimate Truth is Silence - Robert Adams

CREDIT: Houry Shaghoyan

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