Mind the GAP

Jnani Robert Adams

Jnani Robert Adams


You start when you wake up in the morning.
You begin by looking for that gap between waking and sleeping.
There is a gap as you are aware by now.
We’ve discussed it many times before.
As soon as you awaken, before you get involved in the world and before you say ‘I’, there is a gap, which is the fourth dimension of life.
That gap is your reality.
It’s what you really are.
You begin by trying to expand that gap, before the world gets a hold of you.
That is also the time when the mind has rested in the spiritual heart center all night while you slept, and at the second of awakening, it begins to rush into your brain, so you may become aware of your body and the world.
You have to learn to catch yourself before that happens.
And the way you catch yourself is to become aware that it’s happening.
If every morning, as soon as you begin to awaken, you become aware of that gap, that place in between waking and sleeping, the silence, and you abide in it, you will begin to expand.
But even if you don’t grab hold of it in time, become aware that the ‘I’ existed during sleep, during the dream state, and during the waking state.
And you abide in the ‘I-thought’ by inquiring,«Where did the ‘I’ come from?»
This is the way you should wake up, and you carry it through the day.
If somehow you cannot do this, as you awaken, become the witness to your awakening.
Observe yourself awakening.
Observe everything you’re doing, every movement you make, become aware, watch, as if there was another person watching.
It will bring you to the same place.

Robert Adams – Transcript 099 – Sadhana, Satsang and Transcripts – October 3, 1991

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