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RA-we have to empty the mind and then get rid of the mind. And we cannot empty the mind by thinking, only by observation. Only when there is no thought, is there reality. There’s no sense saying to yourself, “I am parabrahman, absolute reality. I am unborn.” Those are just words. And the next moment you have a problem, you have an emotion, you feel something is wrong. But you keep declaring, “I am unborn. I am the absolute reality.”
It is better to say nothing, to believe nothing, to be nothing, and that’s just being yourself. It’s better just to sit and think of nothing and try to become nothing, than it is to chant mantras, or to make affirmations, or to keep saying, “I am Brahman.” Just by sitting you will become yourself.
Last Sunday I gave you four principles, which I usually don’t do. But I shared four principles with you, and everybody was in awe. But in the next couple of days I received phone calls from people, still telling me their problems. If you understood the principles,where is the problem? Even if you understood one principle and you ponder that you would be at peace. So what are the four principles? Who can tell me? Sam do you remember?
SM: I know it but I uh
R: But yet you know about food, you know about sleep. You know about girls.
SM: Count me out of that. (laughter)
SD: I know the first one. That everything emanates from the mind.
R: Yes. Think about that. Everything in this universe, person, place or thing, everything, your body, your thoughts, creation, God, everything you can think about…
(SD: Each other?) …yes, everything, and I mean everything, is a projection of your mind. If you really understand this, how can you have a problem? But you may say, “Well, my rent’s due on the first and I don’t have any money, so how can this help me?” You would be
amazed at what it does for you. Do the trees lack for leaves? Do the flowers fail to bloom? If you could realize the truth, that everything is an emanation of your mind, you would become yourself, and your Self is omnipresence. It includes everything for the survival of
your body. Think about that.
Your body comes from your mind. But as long as you believe your body is yourself, and you understand that it comes out of your mind, it will be provided for, just like leaves are provided for the trunk of the tree. So this teaching is quite predictable and it can be used to improve your human-hood. Not by trying to improve your human-hood directly, that’s where you’ve got problems, but by forgetting about your human-hood and realizing everything is a mental projection.
Again what happens? When you realize that the whole universe is a manifestation of your mind you become omnipresence. And in the omnipresence is contained all of your needs, and all of your needs are met from within. But, when you start worrying or thinking about it, you spoil it. Then you have to do human things to take care of you. But if you leave the human-hood alone, and go back to the understanding that it’s all in your mind, you automatically let go of your mind, and the Self takes over, bringing the right people into your life, the right situation, the right address.

Transcript 5 -The Four Principles Revisited
23rd August, 1990.


SOURCE: Facebook – Sowmya Poundarikapuram


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