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Who am I?’ means where does this ‘I’ come from that feels this, that feels the world and all its manifestations. “Where did this ‘I’ come from?” And then you keep still, you never answer that question. For if you answer the question it’s the ego answering. By asking the question and keeping still, sitting in the silence, the ego will become weaker and weaker. But of course as you sit in the silence in the beginning stages, more thoughts will come into your mind you repeat the whole thing again: “To whom do these thoughts come? Who is thinking this?” Again, “I am. I feel this, they come to me”. Again you separate the ‘I’ from yourself and you ask, “Who is this ‘I’? Who am I? Where does this ‘I’ come from? What’s its source? Who gave it birth?” And you keep still. As you keep still you will find the space between the question “Who am I?” and the thoughts that come again that you have to ask “To whom do they come?” will become greater and greater, the space between. This is when you know you’re making progress. For there are no longer any thoughts. The thoughts begin to slow up. As the thoughts slow up the mind becomes quieter. When you say “Who am I?” nothing will happen. As you keep doing this week after week, the space will become greater and greater. The space between “Who am I?” and “To whom do these thoughts come?” when you do it over again, will become greater and greater. And that space is your reality. That space is consciousness, that space is pure awareness and everything will happen by itself. Yet this takes some time with people. This takes some time for this to happen but keep persevering, keep doing it, don’t stop! Sometimes you think you’re overwhelmed by thoughts and you have to keep doing it again and again, but that’s okay. It’s better than some of the things you’re doing. So keep doing it don’t be afraid to do it over and over again. Do it all day

All is Well! - Robert Adams

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