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The fastest way for total liberation – 22.8.91 (Part two)

The only reason I am sharing this with you is because so many of you call me and tell me “I have been practicing for years…I have been practicing self inquiry until it’s coming out of my nose…and nothing is happening”. Let me tell you again that practicing self inquiry is an excellent practice. If you forget about time, and practice, it will take you to the goal eventually. But the fastest way to get there in this life is total service and surrender to the self. If anyone doesn’t feel right about this, tell me. This is why these things are not discussed. I did discuss this with Ramana Maharshi and he agreed with me one hundred percent, but he also added “this method is only good for ripe devotees”.
Q: Does a guru have to be in a body? Or having Ramana as a guru (after he left the body)?
RA: Having Ramana as a guru is only good for intense concentration; because the body is no longer there…the grace has become unmanifest…it has become universal, it has emerged. So having a dead guru is only beneficial for concentration. It makes you one pointed, it leads you to the effortless no thought stage, when you experience Nirvakalpa Samhadi. But for Sahaja Samhadi, to become totally liberated, you need a living guru, a living sage.
Q: What happens to disciples that begin on this path and the body of the teacher passes away?
RA: It’s up to them to find another living guru. To remember their old guru with love and warmth…but in order to make further progress you have to find another living sage that can emanate grace. It’s very interesting to me. The reason I don’t talk about this too much, is because many devotees and disciples in the world like to take a dead guru for their guru. For some reason they feel satisfied…they do not have to account to anyone in person. That’s why we worship Jesus, Buddha, and other people like this. It is safe for the ego…we can do anything we like…no one is going to argue with us…we can think about the dead guru anyway we like, and we won’t get any arguments. But when you have a guru disciple relationship, that’s a real heavy trip!! Because it means you have to love the guru no matter what you see or what you think or what appears. By loving the guru I mean you got to love yourself, because you are the guru. And it expands everywhere in the universe. You become an embodiment of love.


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SOURCE: Facebook – Shay Beja


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