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The fastest way for total liberation – 22.8.91 (Part one)

Robert Adams: There is one way, that is above all ways…there is one way to get there faster than any other way you can possibly have. I usually share this only with intimate devotees. The reason for this is because others will take it the wrong way…those who are not prepared to hear this, it’s like hitting a nerve…some people even become upset over it!
Yet I feel tonight that everyone here is very sincere about their spiritual life, so I will share this with you. It is very simple – it is beyond self enquiry, it is beyond becoming the observer, and it is this: Being of service to the guru! How does that strike you?? Why? When you are of service to the guru, you are of service to the self! There is only one self! Therefore you are of service to yourself! There are not two entities – the guru and the disciple or the devotee…there is ONE and you are THAT! If there is only one, then when you are of service to the teacher, the self becomes more prominent, more aware of your being. You begin to see that there is no teacher, no student, no devotee, no disciple…you begin to become the self, for you are serving the self.
Every great sage has shared this secret with their closest devotees. It is not for everyone, especially in the west. I feel this evening that I should share this with you.

Q: What do you mean by service to the guru?
RA: Treat the teacher as you would treat yourself. In other words you find no difference…the guru becomes yourself…your mother, your father…your SELF. When you think of yourself, you want the best for yourself! So when you think of your teacher, you want the best for your teacher. There are no longer two of you. There is only ONE. This is why many devotees of Ramana Maharshi became Ramana Maharshi. They acted like him, they spoke like him, they had all his mannerisms…they became liberated! Because there is only one liberator and that is the self! Never believe you are being of service to a human being. You are serving yourself. I think this is very important. This is why I decided to share this with you. It goes beyond self enquiry…it goes beyond every teaching you could ever imagine. What I am saying is you become one with the self, by surrendering your ego, your mind, your thoughts, your doubts, your apprehensions…to the self.

So many of you have asked me the fastest way to get there – I have revealed it.


Nothing -Robert Adams

SOURCE: Facebook – Shay Beja


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