Slow Down The Mind And Let Reality Rush In

Jnani Robert Adams

Jnani Robert Adams


Transcript #19: Slow Down The Mind  And  Let Reality  Rush In

SB: You started the Sunday satsang saying that we’re always self involved and we’re always focussed on ourselves and that there was no space in our consciousness for reality to shine.

(R: Okay?) And then, that was the first part of it, and then you talked about divine ignorance.

(R: Okay. What’s the point?) The point is, it seems to me the fact that we’re always self in ego, self involved, self meditative and living from the point of view from the me. That seems to be the obstacle to realization.

R: For a person who is practicing self-inquiry, nothing else is necessary. Meditation is not necessary, reading is not necessary. Only satsang, self-inquiry is all you need. Ifyou’re not practicing self-inquiry everything else is necessary.

SL: So self-inquiry is, “Who am I?” (R: Yes.) “I am not the body.” Forget about “I am not the body.” Ask yourself, “To whom do my thoughts come?”

(SL: And try to answer your own questions?) No, the answer will come by itself, “They come to me.” And when you can say, “it comes to me,” hold on to the me. Follow the me into the heart centre. Hold onto me.

 (SL: Meaning, asking who is me? Who is me?) No, when you hold onto me, ask nothing. Just hold onto it. But if another thought comes, to interfere. Then you ask, “To whom does this thought come?” By holding onto the me, I mean you follow the me-thread, to the heart. “How did me arise? Where did it come from?” and of course if you follow it to its culmination, you will realize it does not exist.

Me just doesn’t exist. There’s no me. It’s like the sky is blue. Me is only a thought. Again that’s why I say, “When you stop your thoughts, me vanishes.” I feel it’s the best way, fastest way. You just say to yourself, “I – I.” You can do it with your breath. Inhale, you say, “I” exhale and say, “I – I, I – I.” I is the first name of God. That’s very powerful.

 SH: That’s the best mantra for that purpose?

 (R: Oh yes.) (student says different mantra)

R: That’s different. I don’t want to get into Buddhist mantras. But “I – I” is the most powerful one there is.

(SH: It is, huh?) Yes. If you have to use a mantra.

 SG: So even saying the “I-am?”

 (R: You can say, “I am” too if that suits you.) Same thing?

(R: Same thing with your breath. Inhale you say, “I”, “Am” exhale. But remember self-inquiry is not a mantra. “Who am I” is not a mantra! Only the things I tell you are mantras, you can use them as mantras.)

ST: When you say the name God, you don’t mean something outside of yourself? What’s the use of God, the name God, is it something like, not a part of…

R: As long as you believe that you are the body, then God Ishvara, the lord of karma, exists for you. When you realize you’re not the body, that type of God disappears. But that God is very real as long as you believe that you are the body.

 (ST: But you use the words, God the belief in God, but that is part of our Self isn’t it?) God is none other than your Self, exactly, but it becomes egoic when you say, “I-am God.” It’s better to say, “God is my Self.”

(ST: And the term preordained, well that’s not from without.) That’s what?

(ST: Well that’s not separate from ourselves, preordained?) As long as you believe in the body, there’s reincarnation, there’s karma and everything is preordained. As soon as you find out who you really are, it all disappears. It becomes redundant.

(ST: Then what is preordained?) Preordained means everything was planned before you came into your body because you believe that you’re the body. Everything was planned before you came by Ishvara, the Lord of karma. Sounds a little confusing because it doesn’t really exist.

(ST: Yeah that’s what I was wondering?) But as long as you believe you’re the body, it does.)

 (ST: Everything is preordained as long as you believe that yourself is the body?) Yes.

 SH: Does it really exist, or does it appear to exist?

R: It appears to exist. (SH: Yeah. Actually it has no reality.) But when I say that or you say that, it sounds like it’s easy to get rid of. It’s not. It’s very powerful or it appears to Slow Down The Mind And Let Reality Rush In be powerful. (laughter)

 (SH: It’s been preordained that way.) (laughter) Exactly.)

 (SH: Then who preordained it?) The preordainer.

(SE: The preordainer who doesn’t exist?) (laughter)

R: Exactly. But you see, to some people especially new people, when you talk like

that, that nothing exists, they take it for license to act the way they want to act. So you’ve got to be careful.

(SH: Let the ego go hot wired.) Exactly.

 ST: But yet, we’re all meant to be here.

 (R: All meant to be what?) All meant to be here, with you.

 (R: It’s preordained.) But we don’t believe in our body anymore.

R: You don’t believe in it? If I pinch you will you believe in it? (student laughs) See that’s what I was talking to you previously. It’s not what you believe, it’s what you really are. If you take it a step further, none of us exist the way we think we do. None of us are bodies. But that sounds ridiculous to talk about because you feel you are the body. And it’s only when you get into the transcendental state, that you realize that you’re not the body. So the thing is to work on yourself. Then you won’t ask the question.

SN: So in a way the idea is to get rid of the question?

R: Get rid of the body first, then there’ll be no question.


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