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ork on yourself. Don’t worry about the words. Transcend the words. Have the experience for yourself, and then there will be nothing to say. But as long as you are a book reader, you never stop reading. There is a time to read, but there is a time to stop also. There’s a time to put the books aside and to intensely practice, and give your life up to the practice. What you put first in your life, that’s what you get. So think about it. What is first in your life, a book, a house, a job, a body? Whatever you give your attention to most of all, gives its attention back to you. So if you’re always thinking of God, or the self, or consciousness, by chanting to yourself ‘I am’, with your breath – with your respiration, inhale, you say ‘I’, exhale, you say ‘am’ – this will eventually transcend everything else, and you’ll begin by feeling a peace that you never felt before, a profound peace.


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