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Actually the human body cannot keep silent. There’s something else that enters the silence. It has nothing to do with your humanity. It’s only after years perhaps of meditation in previous lives, that you can be mature enough to really know what this path is all about. When I give you these practices, it’s not for you as a human being. You appear to be able to go through it as a human being, but I can assure you your humanity has nothing to do with it. When you enter the silence you enter a profound peace, bliss consciousness, pure awareness. That’s what the silence is. It’s not being quiet. It’s beyond that. It’s not just quieting your mind, like I say all the time. It’s understanding that there’s no mind to quiet. When you realize there’s no mind, you automatically become silent. When you still think you’ve got a mind, you make every effort to quiet the mind, and you can’t. How many of you believe you can quiet the mind through effort? You can’t do that. It’s not the effort that makes you quiet your mind. It’s the intelligent understanding that you have no mind to begin with. Then you just keep still and everything takes care of itself.

All is Well! - Robert Adams


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