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When you think about the mind, when you’re thinking about the thoughts then you’re giving it energy. When you just observe and just watch and leave it alone and do nothing where does the energy come from? There is no energy to give it. So you ignore the mind by observing it Then you will find out that there is no mind. You’ve been wasting your time for years observing something that doesn’t exist. So why would you want to do that? All this talk about observing minds, watching minds. The truth is there is nothing to watch, there is nothing to observe. I’m just sitting here telling you these things because you want to hear me talk. But there is nothing to do. There is nothing to observe, there is nothing to watch. Who watches, who observes? The one who believes they are a body, a doer. When you get rid of the misconceptions you’re a doer or a watcher you’ll have nothing to watch and nothing to do. But as long as you believe that you are the doer then you will think of all kinds of practices that you want to do. You’ll practice yoga meditation, japa, mantra, pranayama. You do all of these things because you think you are the doer. But when the realization comes to you that you’re not the doer then you do not have to do anything, there is nothing to do. So know the truth about yourself. I am not the doer therefore I have absolutely nothing to do. I’m at peace with myself and the whole universe and all is well. You see my friends nothing really exists. You don’t exist, I don’t exist nothing really exists. Everything is an illusion. Everything is an appearance. It appears to exist but it doesn’t exist. Everything that you see is hallucination. You’ve been hallucinating for years. It’s time you stopped.

All is Well! - Robert Adams


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