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[Why does the mind seem to always go to the negative?] Because the mind is trying to save itself from annihilation. It doesn’t want to be destroyed. Therefore it will scare you. It will cook up all kinds of schemes so that you will forget about self-realization. After all, who wants to be destroyed? The mind wants to continue its nonsense. Therefore it brings up all kinds of negatives, to frighten you so you’ll give up the practice, sometimes. Sometimes it may show you wonderful things also. It will tell you: “You don’t need this. Look what you’ve got! You’ve got all these beautiful people around you, and you’ve got everything you want out of life. This teaching is only for negative people.” Your mind will do anything. It will play all kinds of games with you. Keep up the self-inquiry. Remember as your mind starts thinking, grab hold of it by observing it, and go back to the now. There is no thing happening in the moment. Whenever you float away in thoughts, keep remembering to catch yourself.


All is Well! - Robert Adams


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