Jnani Robert Adams Quotes – 6/30/2016

Jnani Robert Adams

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You have been brainwashed since you were a small child, you’ve got samskaras from different lives, all coming at you in full force. And you have a belief system that you react to everyday. You say this is good and this is bad and this is right and this is wrong, I love this and I hate this. All part of your belief system, the mind. Now these roots have been planted a long time ago. Therefore to get rid of your negative thinking so-to-speak, you have to dig a big hole to pull out the roots. You do this by turning away from your problems, turning away from your situations, turning away from the world and diving deep within yourself. Continually, day after day after day, never looking for results. Never saying, I’ve been practicing a month now and nothing has happened. Remember how many years it took you to be the way you are. The things that your mind has accepted. The stuff you’ve got deep in your subconscious so-to-speak. It has to come up and gotten rid of.
All is Well! - Robert Adams

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