Jnani Robert Adams Quotes – 6/27/2016

Jnani Robert Adams

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Practice this right now. Allow the thoughts to come, whatever they are. Do absolutely nothing. It makes no difference what the thoughts are. Let them come, no matter how much they seem to frighten you, no matter how powerful they appear to be, let them come. Where do the thoughts come from to begin with? They come from nowhere. They do not come from consciousness. They do not come from pure awareness. They do not come from the Self. Where do the thoughts come from? From nowhere. They’re an optical illusion. They do not exist. They’re like the appearance of the sky on top of the mountain. The sky appears to be resting on top of the mountain, but it’s an optical illusion. Thoughts do not exist, whatsoever. Therefore you ask yourself: “Who’s thinking?” and you will find out, the ego is thinking. So here’s another point. When the thoughts slow down, so does the ego. The thoughts and the ego are synonymous. As the thoughts slow down, the ego slows down, and begins to also disappear with the thoughts. When there are no thoughts, there’s no ego. When there’s no ego, there’s nobody left to think. Then the question you will ask is: “How do I function without thinking?” As I mentioned in the beginning, the sage’s thoughts are like a burnt rope. They appear to be real, but they’re not. In other words, your thoughts are not real. They are false. How do you function without thoughts? Very well, thank you. Many of you still believe you have to have thoughts to function. You think you’ll become a vegetable, but you will be spontaneous without thoughts. You’ll be motivated by the Self. You will know what to do, where to go, whom to speak to, whom not to speak to, much better than you do now, much, much better. Things will happen to you spontaneously.


All is Well! - Robert Adams

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