Jnani Robert Adams Quotes – 6/20/2016

Jnani Robert Adams

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In order to empty yourself it may appear that you’re getting worse. The fears multiply themselves. The doubts become more terrible than they’ve ever been before. This is the change that is coming into your life. In other words if you want self-realization you’ve got to get rid of everything. Everything that you’ve been holding onto. Everything that you’ve been holding onto, everything. I mean give it up mentally. If things happen physically you just don’t react to it. But mentally you give up all the stuff that has been bothering you for all these years. You surrender everything to God. Empty yourself out completely, totally. Again you do this by not reacting to anything. Not allowing the world to get to you, show you anything. You keep holding on and holding on. Holding on to nothing. Becoming nothing more and more. No longer worrying. Then all of a sudden you see a light inside of you. The light brings you untold happiness and peace. The light grows steadily. The lights in your heart. The light of a thousand suns. To give everything up to this light. You’re no longer afraid. You are free.


All is Well! - Robert Adams

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