Jnani Robert Adams Quotes – 6/13/2016

Jnani Robert Adams

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Surrender yourself totally. How do you surrender yourself? By letting go, letting go of all the concepts, letting go of all the ideas, letting go of the beliefs, letting go of all your prejudices, all of your emotions. Just drop it. If you can do this, all of your sadhana, all of your meditations, all of your prayers, are no longer necessary. Ponder this very well. Your sadhana, your spiritual practice does not begin when you’ve gone to many teachers, and you’ve read many books. It actually begins when you give up everything. That’s when real sadhana begins, when you have surrendered everything, when you’ve emptied yourself of all knowledge, all desires for liberation. When you have become an empty shell, then your spiritual life begins. Until that time you’re only playing games with yourself.

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The silence is another way of saying to keep your mind stayed on God all the time. God is the silence and you are that. Feel the silence right now. You can feel it. It’s a thing of beauty. You know when you’re getting into the true silence, you begin to become happier, and happier and happier for no reason. It makes no difference what’s going on in the world. The world is in one place and you’re in another place. In the deep silence you are identifying with the substratum of creation. Always remember to go into the silence. A sage is always in the silence. A sage may be talking, listening, partaking of activities, but to the sage there’s only silence.

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How do you make progress? By practicing the methods I share with you. By practicing Self-Inquiry. By watching as you go through life’s experiences and not reacting. Watching yourself become depressed. Watching yourself become angry. Do not deny it, but observe it. And if you observe yourself correctly in that calm way, you can ask yourself: “Who becomes angry? Who is feeling depressed?” And follow it through. Do this over and over and over again, as many times as you have to. One day, the anger will leave you, the depressions will leave you, your thoughts will leave you. And you’ll just be.

All is Well! - Robert Adams


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