Jnani Robert Adams Quotes – 6/8/2016

Jnani Robert Adams

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There are many ways to solve your problems. First of all you have to ask yourself, “To whom is there a problem? Who has this problem? To whom does this problem come?” and separate yourself from the problem immediately. Do not carry it along with you by thinking about it. You must turn away from the problem, totally, completely, absolutely. This doesn’t mean that you do nothing. It simply means that you are not functioning on that problem any longer. And when you’re not functioning any longer, the solution arises. There can only be a correct solution when the mind is not functioning on the problem.

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Everyday you should sit a half hour in the morning and a half hour in the evening by yourself. Don’t meditate more than one half hour. Sit by yourself and watch your thoughts. Don’t react to your thoughts. Whatever comes to your mind never react, just watch, smile, and you’re surrendering. As your thoughts come, as thoughts come to you, you no longer pay any attention to it, it doesn’t bother you, that’s surrendering. The next thought comes to you, you don’t pay any attention to it. It doesn’t frighten you, it doesn’t make you happy, it doesn’t make you sad, just watch it and it’ll go away, you surrender that thought. You keep it up, keep it up, and as you keep it up your mind will become calmer and calmer and calmer and quieter and quieter and quieter, until the mind dissolves itself in the heart and you will be free.

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Only in the silence will you find reality. Self-inquiry leads to silence, surrender leads to silence. Be still and know that I-am God.

All is Well! - Robert Adams


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