Jnani Robert Adams Quotes – 6/3/2016

Jnani Robert Adams

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You have to be totally honest with yourself. Totally honest. Completely honest with yourself to see the way you’ve been carrying on. To see how your thoughts have been ruling you. Your mind has been telling you: “This is like this and this is like that. This is good, this is bad. This is right, this is wrong”. Being judgmental all the time, this is what has to be given up, totally and completely. 

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Think of the problems you’re thinking about right now. Think. Who has a problem? Your real self can’t have a problem, because that’s bliss consciousness. The problem comes to the ego. Only the ego has a problem, nothing else. Everything is free, happy, no problems. Find out who you are. Discover yourself. Jump within yourself. Be yourself. Become free. Nothing exists as it appears, nothing. Everything is consciousness, and everything is an image superimposed in consciousness. All of your thoughts, whatever is going through your mind, has no basis, no case, no ego. Everything you see is a projection of your own mind. You can put a stop to it by finding the source of your thoughts. Where do your thoughts come from? Find out. Go within. Ask yourself. 

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Allow your mind to say and think the way it will, only don’t identify with it. Allow your body to do what it must, but do not react to it. Everything will happen of its own accord. When you allow your mind to think of its own accord, the thoughts begin to dissipate, and soon you have empty mind. Empty mind is consciousness, realization. That’s all you have to do – have empty mind. But as long as you believe, ‘I am the doer’, and you force yourself to have an empty mind, you never will, because the forcing makes the mind stronger. Rather, observe your thoughts, watch the mind thinking, and leave it alone. Do not identify with your thoughts, or with your body, for in reality there is no body and there are no thoughts, for there is only the self, and you are that.

All is Well! - Robert Adams

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