Jnani Robert Adams Quotes – 6/1/2016

Jnani Robert Adams

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Always watch, always be aware, always watch yourself, watch how you react, watch how you think, watch the kind of thoughts that come to you, while the music is playing, while you’re meditating. Be aware of all these things and the more aware you become the more you disappear. All these concepts start to disappear, just by you being aware of them. It’s like playing hide and seek. You’re trying to find the person who is hiding. So you’re trying to find the thoughts that are lurking deep deep in the subconscious and they come up themselves and you say, “I see you. I know that you’re there. You cannot fool me any longer. The fear is there, I see where you are.”, and you ask yourself, “Who fears? Where did you come from fear? Who is your mother? Who is your father? Who gave you birth? You have no birth? You don’t exist?” You keep talking to yourself like this, so that part of you no more exists and it dissipates of its own accord. That’s how you work on yourself. 

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The only burden you’ve ever had is your mind. There is no other burden. See if you can stop your mind for a few seconds, and see how peaceful you are. Where there are no thoughts, there are no worries, there are no fears, there’re no anxieties, there are no desires, no wants, no greed, no hurt, no enemies. It is the mind, the thoughts, that causes these things to come to us. We actually create these conditions. We create our own reality. 

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There are many ways to solve your problems. First of all you have to ask yourself, “To whom is there a problem? Who has this problem? To whom does this problem come?” and separate yourself from the problem immediately. Do not carry it along with you by thinking about it. You must turn away from the problem, totally, completely, absolutely. This doesn’t mean that you do nothing. It simply means that you are not functioning on that problem any longer. And when you’re not functioning any longer, the solution arises. There can only be a correct solution when the mind is not functioning on the problem.

All is Well! - Robert Adams


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