The Fourth State Of Consciousness Excerpt

Jnani Robert Adams

Jnani Robert Adams Banner

It’s enough that you do away with all your concepts of body, mind and I. Everything will come by itself. Your job is to get rid of the concept of I. Your job is to get rid of the idea that you are a body, and that you are a mind, and that you are a doer. Always remember, what appears to be a body will do whatever it’s supposed to do by itself, but it has nothing to do with you. If you can only see it like that for one day, you’ll be amazed at what happens to you.
Try this experiment tomorrow. When you get up and you just open your eyes and get out of bed, do not pay any attention to yourself as a body. In other words, just become mindful, like they teach you in Buddhism. Watch yourself getting out of bed. Watch yourself going to the bathroom. Watch yourself brushing your teeth. What I’m trying to tell you is that your body will do everything without your help. It’s only when you identify yourself with the body, or as the body, that the problems begin. But if you do not identify yourself with the body you’ll be happy. For happiness is your true nature. Really happy. Not happy because something came your way that you like. You will be happy-happy for no reason. You’ll just be happy. You will not go about laughing all the time, or getting hysterical about it. You will just feel an innate joy. Yet your body will appear to go about its business.



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