Self Inquiry Instructions

Jnani Robert Adams

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Self-inquiry becomes very useful. You simply allow thoughts to come to you and you inquire in a gentle way “To whom do these thoughts come? Who is thinking these thoughts? I am.” You wait and you inquire sincerely “Who am I? What is the source of this I?” When I say you have to dive within yourself, that’s how you dive within yourself. People often ask me “How do you dive within yourself?” That’s how you do it. You inquire “Where does the I come from?” The I is deep, deep within yourself. “What is the source of the I?” Then thoughts will come to you again and you repeat the same thing over again.
“To whom do these thoughts come? They come to me. Who is this me? What is the source of me?” Me and I are synonymous. “Where does the me come from?” You do it over, and over, and over again.
You do not look for a time. Forget about time. Do not worry about anything.
Spend time by yourself. Most people cannot spend time by themselves. Many people tell me they stay by themselves a lot but if you’re going to their house the TV is on, the radio is on. That is just like having people in your house. When I say spend time by yourself I mean in the silence. Take the time. Sit down in a chair and watch your thoughts and begin to inquire “To whom do these thoughts come? They come to me. I am thinking these thoughts? Who is this I? What is the source of the I? Where did it come from?”
Let’s practice this together, because many of you have told me, you’re having much success when we do this together. So make yourself comfortable. It’s better if you close your eyes. It removes obstructions. It makes no difference how many times you’ve practiced this before. Whenever you do it, it’s like the first time. This may be the time for you to awaken. That’s why you should never give up.
You simply sit still. Do not try not to think, for if you try not to think you will have thoughts that you can’t get rid of. You will be full of thoughts if you try not to think.
You do nothing, absolutely nothing. You’re watching the thoughts come. As soon as the thoughts come, in a gentle way you inquire “To whom do these thoughts come? They come to me. I think them. Who is this I? Where did it come from? How did it arise? From where did it arise? Who is the I? Who am I?” You remain still. The thoughts come again.
You do the same thing again, and again, and again, in a gentle peaceful way.

Transcript 113
Everything is Consciousness
21st November, 1991

All is Well! - Robert Adams


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