Self Enquiry Excerpt

Jnani Robert Adams

Jnani Robert Adams Banner

When you begin to know the whole universe, everything, is only here because of you, when you begin to understand that if you weren’t around, there would be no universe… You have created the entire universe. And every person, and everything that exists, as you know by now, is an emanation of your own mind. Everything comes out of your mind.
Therefore what you begin to do in your sadhana, your spiritual practice, is to pull everything back in and destroy it. From searching you find that one of the greatest sadhanas, one of the greatest techniques, is self-inquiry. You begin to realize that atma-vichara is the fastest way to awaken, to awaken to the fact that you are eternal happiness and bliss.
First you read some books, before you stop reading, you see some teachers, before you stop going to teachers, and you realize that there are Sages, Jnanis, in this world who have achieved this, so you know that it’s not a hoax. You do not want to begin a practice, some spiritual practice, that really does nothing for you and causes no change. Therefore you want to meet people who have become this, who have actually experienced this total happiness, this total joy. They no longer look at the world, or in the job market, or anywhere else for their happiness or their security. These people really have it. Therefore you want to be like them. You want to become free also. You want to become liberated also.
And you discover that self-inquiry, again, is the fastest way to get there. So you begin.
How do you do it? You forget about the world. You no longer compare yourself to anyone. You do not care what anybody is doing. You leave people alone, but you begin to question the thoughts that come to your mind, your belief system. Everything that you are, your concepts, you question everything, for you begin to understand it is all of these things that you have become that have made you what you are today.
And how do you do this? You sit down when you can, where it’s quiet, where you will not be disturbed. After a while you can do this while you’re working, or while you’re driving your car, or while you’re doing anything else in this world, but to begin with you want to get the practice down strong first, before you start doing it in the conscious world.
You begin to watch your thoughts, whatever thoughts come into your mind, makes no difference what they are. You question them by inquiring “To whom do these thoughts come?” You try to be still. You’re not looking for anything. You have simply posed the question in a calm peaceful way. “To whom do these thoughts come?” And the answer always comes by itself. “These thoughts come to me. I think all of these thoughts.”
You then realize that I is the one who thinks the thoughts. So you inquire “What is the source of the I? What is the source of the I?” You do not look for an answer. You keep your mind still as much as possible. Then more thoughts will come to you and you do the same thing again. “To whom do these thoughts come? These thoughts come to me. I think these thoughts.”



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