Jnani Robert Adams Quotes – 5/24/2016

Jnani Robert Adams

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Isn’t it wonderful when everything is quiet? Especially when I shut up and don’t talk anymore. Things become much better. So let’s really sit in the silence. When I say: “Sit in the silence”, I’m not speaking of human quietness. I mean the silence beyond human quietness, the silence beyond understanding. The silence which is God, Infinite intelligence. Let’s just sit in that silence. Close our eyes, be still, put a smile on your face. I am not my affairs. I am not my experiences. I am not this life I appear to be going through. I have absolutely nothing to do with this world even though I may appear to others to be doing things in this world, working, whatever. I am free from fears. Free from past karma. Free from other peoples thoughts. I-am-that-I-am. I go deep, deep, deep within the Self and then become the Self. Realizing that there is only one Self. I am touching that place where I’ve never been before. The ultimate reality. I am touching that place where there are no thoughts, no emotions, no feelings. I am touching that place where there is bliss, eternal love. I now go deeper beyond all that where even love, ultimate oneness, self-realization are mere words. I go beyond all words and thoughts to that place where there is absolutely nothing and yet I exist. 

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Do not be in conflict with your thoughts and the self. When there is no conflict there are no thoughts. Thoughts only appear because there’s conflict. By conflict I mean, you’re worrying about getting rid of your thoughts, you’re doing sadhana, meditation, pranayamas, japa. All of these things cause conflict. For aren’t you saying “I’m doing these things to become liberated. I’m doing these things to become free”? The reason there’s a the conflict is because you’re already free and liberated. Therefore when you give yourself the information that you have to do something to become liberated, there is immediately conflict. This is the only problem you have. It is your conflict. And this conflict comes from programming when you were a child, from samskaras, from previous existence, things that you took with you, the habits that are inside of you, that you believe you are. This is where the conflict comes from. For it tells you “I’m just a human being, I’m just a frail body. I have to suffer sometimes, sometimes I have to be happy”. This is all a lie. There never was a you that has to suffer. There never was a you that has to be happy. There is no one in you who needs to be happy. There is no one in you who needs to be miserable. They are both impostors. So every time you try to exchange negative conditioning to positive conditioning, you’re causing conflict.

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Every time you say to yourself: “Who am I?” you are moving a step ahead on the spiritual path. That is all you have to do. “Who am I?” and you will soon discover that the ‘I’ is not you. The ‘I’ that you are referring to is not you, it’s not anything. It is merely a thought. It has absolutely nothing to do with you. When you think to yourself: “Who am I?” you keep saying I-I to yourself and the ‘I’ begins to separate from your body. The ‘I’ begins to become a different type of entity whatsoever, the ‘I’ begins to disappear. And you keep thinking about the ‘I’, following the ‘I’. You follow the ‘I’ to the heart. Once the ‘I’ disappears you are totally free and liberated. So it all begins with you. You are the one. You can either free yourself or put yourself in bondage depending on what you’re doing with your life.


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