The Mind

Jnani Robert Adams

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When you begin to sit still and you look upon the mind, the thoughts, you witness the thoughts, you watch the thoughts the mind slows down. As you continue witnessing the thoughts, watching the thoughts the mind becomes weaker and weaker and weaker and you become happier and happier and happier. Bliss comes when the mind is at rest. Unalloyed happiness comes when the mind is inactive. As long as the mind is active there will always be problems. For an active mind lives in a world of duality. Good and bad, right and wrong, up and down. Only when the mind is totally transcended will you find real peace. Yet you’re already real peace. You’re already pure awareness. You’re already total joy and harmony. Yet you keep seeking, seeking, seeking, seeking, seeking for something that you already are.

SOURCE: Chandra Gandra


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