Jnani Robert Adams Quotes – 5/19/2016

Jnani Robert Adams

As long as you believe in the body-mind, you will continue to have questions. Find out who is asking those questions, and when you do, there will be no need for questions. Questions only satisfy the mind and the intellect. They do not help one to awaken. It is only when everything is dropped, that you begin to awaken and see the futility of questions. 

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Questions are from the point of view of the individual. If the person is unreal, where are the questions? Philosophical questions are all part of the illusion – Maya – and there the debate is endless. How does a relative answer to your questions bring you any closer to Self, the Self that you already are? Such things only feed the mind. Any answer given to satisfy the mind cannot be true.

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There is nothing to work out. There is nothing to understand. There is nothing to attain. You must go to the root. The root is the ‘I-thought’. Question it by enquiring as to the source of this concept: “To whom does these questions appear?” “To me” “Who am I? Who is this me? Where does this idea come from?” Do not look for an answer. Only ask the question with patience whenever thoughts arise. This serves to quiet the restless mind. As you do this in a relaxed, alert way, you will notice that the space between the thoughts gets larger. Be aware of this space between your thoughts. That is your true nature, spotless, formless, pure Awareness. It shines like the sun; only clouds of thoughts seem to obscure it.


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