Jnani Robert Adams Quotes – 5/12/2016

Jnani Robert Adams

There are a bunch of geniuses doing what they’re supposed to be doing on this earth like everybody else is doing. There are people suffering, there are people creating, that is all part of maya, the grand illusion. We are to get beyond this. Maya exists for words to be spoken to explain it. Otherwise there would be just plain silence. Maya never existed. It doesn’t exist. The self which you speak of doesn’t exist. Limitation doesn’t exist. Liberation doesn’t exist. Bondage doesn’t exist. All these things are just words, words, words. Because the silence makes the words seem like words. It’s all a dream. The words are a dream, everything is a dream. How I talk like this is a dream, it appears to be real but it’s not. There are no appearances. What you are seeking for an experience of an appearance, they have an appearance but I can assure you that the appearance doesn’t exist. There never was an appearance. There is absolute void! Absolute reality and consciousness. Pure awareness. Which is absolutely nothing. So nothing exists and you are that. Everything else comes out of your mind that doesn’t exist. When you realize that the mind doesn’t exist all this will stop. 


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