Jnani Robert Adams Quotes – 5/8/2016

Jnani Robert Adams

There is a way for a person to awaken, and that way is to stop thinking. Stop thinking. He says that sounds good, but how do you do it? When the mind becomes quiescent, quiet, still, realization comes all by itself. There is absolutely nothing you have to do to bring it about. As an example, the sun shines all by itself. Let’s call the sun the Self, consciousness, pure awareness. Yet every once in a while, clouds form beneath the sun. And the sun doesn’t seem to shine any longer. Your thoughts are the clouds. Whatever you think, no matter what you think about, as long as you think, you’re covering up the sun, which is the Self. It makes no difference what you’re thinking, good thoughts, bad thoughts, or any kind of thoughts. All thoughts are clouds, all thoughts. And they cover up the sun. So it is your true nature, is the Self. You’re really the Self, all-pervading, reality. It is your thoughts that cover up the Self. Whatever you allow what you think, you cover up the Self more and more and more. You’re only covering up the Self. The Self will shine all by itself when you stop thinking. Stop thinking, totally, unconditionally. Stop thinking. 


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